Friday, 18 March 2011

Fabric and Teacups . . . what's not to like?

Got this little package from Hong Kong the other day . . . had actually forgotten that I'd ordered these. I thought my husband had ordered some geeky phone/computer component which he's done before. But no, my very own labels . . . . nothing fancy but what a buzz to have a whole box full of these with my name on them.

Just in time because I'm sewing these new lavender thingies . . . . I had a template in this shape for something or other and thought it would make a nice change from squares or hearts or that kind of thing. Lavender hexagons, that's what they are but that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it?

I did the lace with a freestyle machine stitch . . . . kind of fun looking on the reverse isn't it? While I was sewing I thought I'd replace my tatty faded old pincushion with something nicer. There are a couple of vintage teacups that sit on my windowsill, one of which holds my tiny pincushion . . . only because it's closest when I'm tidying up at the end of the day. Why not do it properly I thought and had a look round online for a tutorial for a teacup pincushion. Found a nice and simple one here

I love this cup, it's a Susie Cooper, just the one with a chip in the rim and no saucer but I love it anyway. The green fabric is almost exactly the same shade as the inside of the cup and O.K the fabric bits I added are not good for sticking pins in but I'm pleased with the result. Fabric and teacups . . . what's not to like? They'd make great birthday presents but I don't know anyone else who would like one which is a shame because I'd love to make more!

Oh dear . . . . one thing led to another and I tried adding some of my vintage buttons to the teacup thing but that looked stooopid. O.K. take that idea one silly step further and yes, I am channelling my inner Victorian which lets face it is never that far away. The colour is way nicer than these photos but it's raining today and the light is crap. I think I'd have to make the stuffing bit a bit bigger if I was going to do these . . . . what the hell is it anyway? And does it matter? It's a decorative thing, that's what it is.

And here's the little hexagonal fabric container before I dressed it up and made it look silly ( the fringe, the fringe, I just can't resist the fringe! ). I made this ages ago but couldn't make a lid that fitted properly so it lives on my work table with some fabric roses in it. Oh dear, I have so many other things to do but there's something about this that is irresistable. ( must resist, must resist).


  1. ooooooooo! cute and pretty things! who'd u order the labels from?? Mrs Woo needs some!


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