Diet preventing Dementia

A series of studies have finally developed the ideal diet for preventing memory loss. Regular consumption of tea or coffee and walnuts, spending sometime in the sun to boost vitamin D production and regular physical activities could lower the risk of dementia. Researchers at the University of California have found that people over 65 who drank either tea or coffee regularly were 37% less likely to develop dementia. Drinking coffee at least five times a week, reduced the risk of dementia by 20 percent. Scientists from Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities in New York have found that diet rich in nuts, especially walnuts, delays progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin D deficiency could increase the risk of dementia. Spending 10 to 15 minutes in the early morning or late afternoon sunshine could trigger formation of vitamin D in your body. If you are living on distant northern or southern latitude where long winter months prevent adequate sun basking, you can prevent vitamin D deficiency by consuming eggs, oily fish and vitamin D fortified foods. Scientists from Exeter University have found that people with vitamin D deficiency are five times more likely to suffer from memory loss after 65. A Boston University School of Medicine study has shown that regular moderate exercise could lower Alzheimer’s risk by 40 percent. Source: